The Victa Robot Mower RM100

If you purchased your Victa Robot Mower RM100 before June 30th, 2021 you can still claim your Robot Mower RM100 Garage by using the form below:

The Victa Robot Mower RM100 is a fully automated Robotic Lawnmower which means you enjoy a perfectly mowed lawn, while saving you time to do other things with your free time.

Designed to reliably maintain your lawn area, providing it with the care it deserves. Just program the mower according with your lawn’s needs to deliver a frequent, all-over even cut. And with the added benefit of feeding your lawn with fine mulch providing vital nourishment to help grow a thick and healthy lush lawn.

Promotional offer finishes 30/06/21 Applies to all purchases up to this date.

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